How to Choose a University Campus

How to Choose a University Campus

As you make BIG decisions about what you want to learn (which will determine what you will do for the rest of your life), you also need to decide where you will study. Universities, FETs and Technology Universities differ in many ways. Here are a few things to consider when comparing the pros and cons of different education providers and deciding which campus is right for you.

Where are they

The campus can be a city center, suburbs, in rural centers, or just rural areas. Each city has unique personalities and activities to offer, so think about the different lifestyle, living expenses, transportation, and people who are most attractive to you. You might prefer sunshine and beach areas like Cape Town and Durban, or the hustle and bustle of big city life like Johannesburg and Pretoria.

How to Choose a University Campus


The size of each campus has a large effect on the atmosphere, social life and facilities of each institution. Large institutions such as Johannesburg University and Stellenbosch University have tens of thousands of students, while some small institutions only have a few dozen. Some campuses are spread across hundreds of MA while others are limited to one central campus.

How difficult they are to enter

In general, universities, especially the top institutions in South Africa, are more difficult to get access than other universities, the University of Technology and the FET. If you are worried about meeting the admission requirements for a particular course, it might be best to apply to several places, …

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Grants Available For Single Mothers - Moms Can Get Money For School

Grants Available For Single Mothers – Moms Can Get Money For School

While future planning is a part of our daily thinking, making your dreams realize cannot always be easy and for a single mother of one or many children this is almost impossibility. She has not only to take care of her children but to have constant battles with financial situations which may arise. Such a mother cannot think and plan for further education on her own.

Therefore government and other non profit organizations lend a helping hand by making grants available for single mothers. These grants are financial assistance for single mothers who take the bold step of planning to complete their unfinished college degree in a hope that once they earn their degree they would find a prosperous job that would go a long way in supporting her and her children.

You can log on to internet for more information on the grants available for single mothers. Some websites have loads of information on single parenting and the kind of financial assistance that is available for them through many organizations.

Grants Available For Single Mothers - Moms Can Get Money For School

Take a bold step and go for these grants so that you may complete your education. It may seem like a very difficult thing to do right now but with constant help and support from family and friends and with the funds provided by grant for single mother, you can make it to the end. But the end will actually be a new beginning for you and your children as it will uplift your position in the society with …

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