State Department of Education Jobs

State Department of Education Jobs

The State Department of Education is a powerful government department, overseeing public schools and standardized testing. This department is responsible for producing state tests and administering the Regents Examinations. If you are interested in a career in education, you may want to find a position at this department. This article will give you some information about the different types of jobs that you can find here.

Senior Advisors provide expert advice to the Secretary and the Deputy Secretary

The Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the State Department of Education rely on Senior Advisors to make important decisions. They advise on educational issues, evaluate education policies, regulations, and legislation, and help the Department establish and implement effective management practices. They also assist in the investment of funds, including grant money, and provide expert advice on human capital management.

Senior Advisors are appointed to serve as a sounding board for the Secretary and Deputy Secretary. Each one of these individuals has a specific area of expertise, such as education policy or educational technology. For example, a Senior Advisor may help the Secretary develop policy on technology that improves education.

The Department of Education has appointed three Senior Advisors to advise the Deputy Secretary on educational policy and practice. One of these is Donametria “Tria” Stallings. She has worked in K-12 education as the Executive Director of BusinessUSA, and has worked as a senior associate with a consulting firm. Her experience includes working on a presidential campaign as a senior African American voter …

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