Caring Community Schools and Academic Achievement

Caring Community Schools and Academic Achievement

In the United States, we tend to think of learning outcomes for students as a combination of what happens in the classroom and at home. Although this is certainly true, there are other important factors that contribute to how well our children learn and grow in school. The quality of the communities they live in can have a major impact on academic achievement; this includes things like poverty rates and access to health care services. In fact, studies show that children who live in low-income communities with high crime rates tend to perform worse academically than their peers who live in wealthier neighborhoods with lower crime rates.

The Best of Both Worlds

Community-centered schools can help improve academic achievement.

Schools should focus on the whole child, not just their academic needs. A school that focuses on the whole child will be able to create an environment where children feel safe and supported, which will lead them to have better outcomes both inside and outside of school. When students feel safe at school, they are more likely to engage in positive behaviors such as asking questions or participating in class activities. This leads to increased academic success because it allows teachers more time for instruction instead of addressing behavior issues or dealing with discipline problems caused by a lack of safety at school (e.g., bullying).

One Size Does Not Fit All

One size does not fit all. It’s important to know your students, their needs, and your community. The same goes …

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