Cardiovascular Technologist Salary

Cardiovascular Technologist Salary

If you’re interested in a career in cardiovascular technology, you can learn more about the average salary for cardiovascular technologists and other healthcare occupations. In addition to the average salary, you’ll find information on the education and years of experience required, and the job outlook. The information below can help you make a decision about your career.

Average annual salary

As the job description implies, a cardiovascular technologist needs to be well-versed in cardiovascular procedures. They need to follow precise instructions and procedures while performing tests such as echocardiography and noninvasive provocative testing. They must also be adept at communication with physicians and patients. Ultimately, their salary depends on their qualifications and the type of job they choose.

The demand for cardiovascular technologists is expected to grow rapidly in the next decade. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand will increase by 30% through 2022, creating 15,700 new jobs. By comparison, the growth rate for all occupations will be only 11%.

Years of experience

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to live longer and require increasingly advanced medical procedures, the job outlook for cardiovascular technologists is good. The field is expected to experience a 7% growth rate over the next decade. Qualifications such as an associates degree are required to become a cardiovascular technologist, and many employers also require professional certification.

Cardiovascular technologists earn an average annual gross salary of $62,595, which is about $30 per hour. A bonus of $1,039 is also typical. Starting salaries are low at …

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