Education Insurance: Overview, Types, and the Process Involved in Getting One

Education Insurance: Overview, Types, and the Process Involved in Getting One

As the cost of education has increased in the UK, it is essential to save money on child education. While opinions on show that you can effectively save money through bank savings, it is also advisable to consider education insurance. Education insurance will offer many opportunities to you and your kids.

You may need to know how insurance works if you haven’t yet. Education insurance, like every other kind of insurance, saves you money on any educational activities right from your kid’s start of college. This is a way to fix the academic life of your kid.


Education Insurance Policy is regarded as coverage for education. It covers the educational cost for your kid when he or she enters college, especially after the age of 18. Education insurance helps in footing all educational needs including tuition fee, sickness expenses, hostels, etc. It has been famed that educational insurance will save your kid’s life.

Education insurance policy exists to relieve you of financial stress when you send your kid to college. In the UK, as the cost of education increases, you can get the best valuable educational opportunity for your kid through this insurance. In simpler terms, it makes you financially secure and also assures the kid of financial security throughout his academic years.

Types of Education Insurance Policy

As a policy for kids’ education when such a kid reaches 18, it is divided into two. The first is endowment policy and the second is investment-linked policy.

·  Endowment Policy:

This is a policy that appears to be a savings account. However, this account has enormous insurance benefits.

·  Investment-Linked Policy:

This policy involves investing while retaining the vast coverage of the policy.

These policies let you reap a huge sum of money when it accumulates to a reasonable point.

The investment-linked plan could afford you different dividends and bonuses when the policy you put in for matures. While this may be expensive, it is often for the collective good. For the endowment policy, it is less expensive and popular for middle and low-income earners.

What You Need to Know

An education policy is a long term insurance policy. You may pay for the policy for about 23 years. Note that if you don’t keep up with payments, you may lose all the benefits you’re supposed to enjoy from the policy you’re paying for.

The policy is also open to your kids when they are not more than fourteen years old. However, you can still fix a savings plan for kids above fourteen in your household. You can easily create a savings plan in a bank, with a high interest rate, to secure your kid’s future education expenses.


There are different benefits of this policy. If you have a policy, you can:

  • Earn various Rewards and top-ups with an action plan
  • Save money early for your kid’s quality education
  • Enjoy payor riders
  • Enjoy tax reliefs and benefits
  • Gain complimentary support and much more.

How to Get a Policy

An education insurance policy is easy to purchase. All you need to do is to shop around different insurance companies asking for a quote. When you get a quote, choose the most affordable and go for it.

If you want a policy, start early. This will make you save more on your kid’s tertiary Institution plans.