School Breaks and Day Camps: A Match Made in Heaven

School breaks are always an exciting time for children. They are able to take a break from their long school days, relax, and enjoy a break from their normal routine. Working parents especially have a bit of a challenge trying to find engaging, fun, and educational care for their children during days off of school. There are many fine options including sports, science, engineering, animal-related, and music camps. Camp choices are broad this means that there is an ample selection to fit each child’s unique likes and preferences. 

School Breaks and Day Camps: A Match Made in Heaven


Whether it is a one day camp for a school holiday or a longer session like a summer camp for kids west valley ut an athletic child can get their energy out through organized play. Karate, football, cheerleading, soccer, basketball, and baseball are just the beginning of sports camp options. Local options may vary by season. These are great options for children that enjoy sports or that have a lot of energy. Signing up for a short-term camp can help kids try out different sports to fit the one that best suits them. 

Science and Engineering 

Calling all brainiacs and science lovers, there are many options to keep those minds busy and engaged. Engineering, STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics), and robotics are all excellent options. The child will keep their mind active by continuing to learn during school breaks. There are many hands-on activities and interesting demonstrations. 

Animal Related Camps 

There are countless kids that simply adore animals. Educational camps will teach children about aquatic animals, land animals, and often about nature. There are many different combinations with diverse themes all relating to the natural kingdom. Most of these camps take place with a blend of in and outdoor activities which offers a nice variety for children that require assorted settings. 


The singers, musicians, and dancers all feel the music in their veins. Time off from school can help them perfect their art in a fun environment. Music and dancing camps are more than just practice. They also incorporate fun and games to make it a well-rounded experience that benefits children with their skills. 

Traditional Day Camp

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a classic camp setting that doesn’t have a theme. Generally, arts and crafts, games, movies, theater, water play, and even food preparation are activities kids will get to enjoy. Parents can rest assured their children had a great time while they were working. 

When the school calendar tells parents that a break is coming it can be stressful to decide where the kids will go while parents are working. Luckily there are plentiful day camp options varying from a single day to all summer to select between. Themes include sports, science, engineering, animals, and music. There is a camp for every child to enjoy, learn from, and a place to make new friends. Work is tough enough but finding a children’s camp doesn’t have to be.