Is It Viral Yet? Is It Viral Yet?

Is It Viral Yet? Is It Viral Yet?

The term ‘going viral’ has become popular in recent times. Even though it should not be the main goal of a video marketing campaign, it is something that has exploded this year. I am sure that as a marketer, you have heard things like: people watch 5 billion YouTube videos each day, social videos generate 1200% more shares than images and text combined, videos on a landing page increase conversions by 80 percent and 80 percent of users remember a video ad they have watched online in the previous month.

Is It Viral Yet? Is It Viral Yet?

Because of all these, it is good to try as much as you can, as a marketer, to ensure that your video marketing campaigns meet or even exceed your expectations and help you build a successful social media campaign. Would you like to create successful video content? If so, read on to find out how.

1. Focus on a Story Instead of the Sale

When creating a video to use for marketing purposes, it is good to focus on a good story to create customer connection. To be a good marketer, focus on the value you are offering to your customers. Your video should have emotive power that can appeal to the needs and desires of your customers. If you are worried that this can make you lose leads, place a relevant and strategic call to action along a tracked URL at the end of your video (ensure that it fits into the story you want to use).

2. Hook Your Video Viewers in the First 10 Seconds

It is a very good idea to grab the attention of your video viewers in the first 10 seconds. If you don’t hook up your viewers in the first 10 seconds, you could end up losing them forever. Manage the expectations of your viewers in the first 5-10 seconds. Video experts recommend going straight to the point.

Asking questions can help you arouse the curiosity of your target audience while teasers can help you grab the attention of your viewers. The first ten seconds of a video should make viewers feel like your video is worth watching further. Why is it important for your viewers to continue watching further? Is it because the video makes people learn a new thing? Does it make people laugh? Or does it inspire viewers?

3. Use Humour in Your Video

Viewers don’t like watching a boring video. They want an entertaining video. One of the best ways to make your video entertaining is to use humour. Tim Washer, Social Media Manager at Cisco, says that comedy is seen as something that should not be used in the corporate world but it can be a good way to get a point across economically and efficiently.

He urges companies to consider using humour to market their products or services. When making a video, always remember that your viewers want something that can entertain and enlighten them. So, don’t bore them as they may already be having a boring life.

Tim also adds that caption writing can enable you to get what John Cleese called the open mode. This is when are playful and having fun and relaxed and not worried. He says that going into the open mode is very important as it will help you come up with fresh ideas in all areas of your life.

4. Optimise Your Video for SEO – Tag it Up

There are many ways to make your video more visible in search engines. One of the ways is to host the video on your domain before uploading it to any sharing sites. Another way is to enable embedding on your video to increase the chances of gaining inbound marketing links.

Descriptions are very important when it comes to video for SEO. This is because they enable Google’s search engine to know what your video contains. Therefore, it is very important to pay close attention to descriptions. If you need help with SEO, consider getting a professional such as Leapfrog IM, who do work with SEO in Hampshire.

Is It Viral Yet? Is It Viral Yet?