Understanding Video Blogging: Why Do People Do It?

Understanding Video Blogging: Why Do People Do It?

A lot of people know what blogging is because it is something that people have been doing for decades. However, not everyone knows what video blogging, or ‘vlogging’, entails. It is similar to traditional blogging, but it is done via video that is often filmed from a high-quality camera. Some people even use action cameras when filming video footage for their video blogs. Those that do these types of blogs will usually upload them to YouTube, allowing the public to see what they are doing, where they are going, and what they are talking about. In fact, when videos are uploaded to YouTube, people can comment on them, like them, dislike them and even share them with people they know.

Understanding Video Blogging: Why Do People Do It?

What Are the Benefits of Video Blogging?

If you are posting your video blogs to different sites, including YouTube and Vimeo, people can easily share them. When people are sharing your content, you can get a lot more exposure, which is naturally good for your brand. Some of the leading companies in the industry are paying people to promote their products or even test them out while they are creating video blogs, which is a great way for them to market themselves to different audiences while getting more customers.

People tend to pay more attention to videos, particularly ones with high production qualities like those from ManMade, than they do to traditional content. Most people prefer watching over reading through content. When a person is scrolling through social media sites, they will usually watch a video instead of reading through lengthy content. Viewers may simply prefer feeling like the person in the video is having a conversation with them. It simply feels a lot more personal than reading through content.

A lot of different companies currently have their own channels on YouTube. They are using these channels to garner more traffic to their websites and then eventually sell more products. Millions of people visit YouTube each day to watch all kinds of videos, so it makes sense for companies to take advantage of the clear opportunity to get the exposure they need.

Videos Are More Interactive

Unlike traditional written content, video content speaks to people and is far more interactive. The person behind the camera can get the audience more engaged in the conversation by asking hypothetical questions and then talking about certain topics that are currently trending. Those that create video blogs often edit their content and use special effects to make their videos even more enjoyable and exciting than before. When they put the effort into creating decent video blogs, they can easily increase their conversion rates.

It Works Well for Tutorials

Some people will look online to find information on how to do something specific, such as apply makeup, style their hair, or even eliminate acne from their skin. While a traditional tutorial would contain a lot of text that might be hard for some people to get through, a video blog tutorial would offer that visual aspect that people often want and need. Someone who watches a tutorial could have an easier time getting the hang of doing something after seeing it done in front of their eyes instead of just being told how to do it.

Video Bloggers Can Go Live

Because technology continues to advance, it has become a lot easier for video bloggers to go live, allowing their followers to ask them questions right then and there. It increases engagement and gets the audience even more involved than they were beforehand. Going live as a video blogger is typically referred to as live streaming. Millions of viewers will tune in to these live streams to see what some of their favourite video bloggers are doing.

Videos Can Earn Some Money

Plenty of video bloggers are earning money from their videos by adding advertisements to them. It is easy to find an advertisement on videos that are regularly posted to sites like YouTube and Instagram. Many YouTubers earn a decent income from the Google AdSense program that is partnered with YouTube.