Pharmacy Tech Certification and Course Duration

Pharmacy Tech Certification and Course Duration

Of late, the demand for professional courses has been on the rise. There are various reasons behind this sudden boom in professional courses. Most important among them is an increase in the number of middle age and elderly people consuming drugs. This has resulted in the development of several new and effective drugs and treatment methods. in which corresponds with the sudden increase in demand for pharmacy technicians. In fact, this demand is only expected to rise further by 2016 thus making the Pharmacy Tech Certification a more promising career opportunity.

Many industries have met their fate during recessions, but the only industry that has been able to withstand it is the pharmacy. It is not exaggeration to state that despite severe recession and economic downturn, this industry has been able to create employment opportunities to many people. In addition, the number of people looking forward to improved and effective treatments is on the rise. As a result Pharmacy Tech Certification courses are in great demand.

Pharmacy Tech Certification and Course Duration

A pharmacy technician performs a series of activities that include assisting licensed pharmacists in prescribing medications, labelling pharmaceutical products, measuring medication quantities, counting pills and providing guidance to patients while filling in their medical insurance documents and forms.

A certified technician can seek employment in retail pharmacies, internet pharmacies, physician clinics, wholesale pharmacies, medical and surgical centers and even nursing homes. Although the Pharmacy Tech Certification is not mandatory for securing a job, it only improves your job prospects and also helps you secure higher salary.

There are several educational institutions offering special training programs located in several parts of the world. To become a qualified pharmacy technician, one has to clear the ExCPT Exam and the minimum eligibility for taking this test is a high school diploma or its equivalent. Upon obtaining the certification, technicians need to get recertified once every two years.

The Pharmacy Tech Certification exam is an online examination consisting of multiple choice questions. The key areas focused in the exam include assisting pharmacists in servicing patients, maintenance of medication, inventory control and most importantly administration and management of pharmacy practice.

Pharmacy technician recertification requires 20 hours of continuous education every two years. The required number of on the job training hours is obtained from colleges, pharmacy technologist training programs and pharmacy associations.

Pharmacy Tech Training includes several phases of practical’s like pharmacy calculations, pharmacy billing and computer applications which are required for honing the professional skills of a pharmacy technician. Most of these Pharmacy Tech Certification courses will run from six months to one year depending upon the nature of the course.

People holding Pharmacy Technician Certifications have an added advantage in terms of salary and job security over others. Although there is no federal requirement for pharmacy techs, modern employers are looking to recruit certified pharmacy technologists especially those who have registered themselves in various schools. In fact, Pharmacy Tech Certification is voluntary in various states, however, getting certified is highly recommended especially if you are looking forward to enjoying better career opportunities, improved salaries and other compensations.