Department of Education Jobs

Department of Education Jobs

The United States Department of Education is a cabinet level department of the United States government. It provides a wide range of services to the public. Some of its duties include the promotion and development of schools and education programs. The department is also responsible for ensuring that schools meet the educational needs of all children and young people.

Bachelor’s degree

A Bachelor’s degree in education opens doors to a wide range of jobs, ranging from school administrators to teacher positions. As a teacher or school administrator, you’ll have the opportunity to make a difference in children’s lives. Graduates from Gwynedd Mercy University’s School of Education will be equipped with the right tools, resources, and classroom management skills to succeed in the field.

Education is an extremely rewarding career path. As an educator, you’ll be working to change people’s lives while achieving your own personal goals. Many jobs in the department require a master’s degree, but bachelor’s degrees are often sufficient for entry.


The salary range for Department of Education jobs varies according to the position. Most positions are under the General Schedule, but there are also SES positions. GS pay schedules are maintained by the Office of Personnel Management. SES pay schedules vary slightly from General Schedule pay ranges. For more information on GS and SES salary ranges, visit the Office of Personnel Management.

The average salary for Department of Education jobs in the city of New York ranges from $44,160 to $103,713 per year. The highest paying position is Elementary School Teacher, which pays $57,820 a year. The lowest paying position is Graphic Designer, with a pay range of $20,000 – $50,000.

Work-life balance

A study in 2010 by Twenge et al. found that Millennials are more likely to prefer a job that gives them more time for personal pursuits than one that requires them to work long hours. According to the study, Millennials’ desire for a better work-life balance begins before they have children.

The study found that young women and males in dual-career marriages were more likely to report a lack of work-life balance than those who did not have young children. However, the study did note that some single adults reported poor work-life balance. Four single females and one single male reported having a difficult time finding a balance between work and family.

Educational requirements

The Department of Education (DOE) seeks a qualified writer to update the content on the FAFSA website. The job responsibilities of a DOE writer include researching current procedures, gaining knowledge and writing for internal and external publications. In addition, the DOE needs an experienced writer to respond to external inquiries.

In order to qualify for entry-level DOE jobs, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree. For more advanced positions, candidates must have a master’s degree in education. Students seeking to apply to the DOE must register for an account on the USAJOBS website. Once they do, the application information is automatically sent to the DOE’s EdHIRES system.